About Non-Voice Process

This process requires the skill for writing or typing and the ability to understand the type of query for making the right processing. This is a very important process for handling customer issues through emails and chat support.

Email support in Non-Voice Process: Email support involves processing a number of information sought through emails and to send a suitable reply. It is very important to know the drafting skills for an email and to send appropriate information in Email support. Though email support does not involve interacting with a customer through voice, it needs to be resolved within a short time.

Email support can be very effective to gain customer confidence by resolving the issues in a systematic way. It can be very unobtrusive and will not cause any disturbance to a customer while it can sell the main points easily.

Chat support in a Non-voice process: Compare to email support process, the chat support process is much tougher as it requires spontaneity on the part of customer executive. The executive of call center services may be needed to answer questions of various customers at a time which requires a lot of skill. Normally in such a process, the rate of traffic is higher in the daytime as compared to nighttime traffic.

Domestic Non-Voice Process

Responding to customer queries and customer engagement through chat, SMS, and email in English, Tamil or other local languages.  are considered non-voice processes. The non-voice mediums hold significant value with live chat being the preferred means of communication.

International Non-Voice Process

International Non-voice processes(Email and Chat) are the processes that don’t require voice medium to interact with the customers in different countries, particularly the U.S., U.K., Australia, etc.